[PHY240 MP]
[Professor Sajstein Alam]
[Grading Policy]
[Chap 0: history of MP]
[Chap 1: First Law of Thermodynamics]
[Chap 2: Kinetic Theory of Gases]
[Chap 3: Entropy-2nd Law]
[Chap4: Special Theory of Relativity]
[Chap 5: Exp. Basis of QP]
[Chap 6: Structure of Atom]
[Chap 7: Wave Properties QMI]
[Chap 8: Quantum II]
[Chap 9: Hydrogen and Atomic Physics]
[Chap 10: Atomic Nucleus]
[Chap 11:  Particle Physics]



Chapter 0

 A History of Modern Physics

Chapter 1

First Law of Thermodynamics 

Chapter 2

 Kinetic Theory of Gases

Chapter 3

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Chapter 4

Special Theory of Relativity

Chapter 5

Experimental Basis of Quantum Physics

Chapter 6

Strucuture of the Atom

Chapter 7

Wave Properties of Matter and Quantum Mechancis I

Chapter 8

Schrodinger Equation and Quantum Mechancis II

Chapter 9

Hydrogen Atom and Atomic Physics

Chapter 10

Atomic Nuclei

Chapter 11

Standard Model of Particle Physics

Chapter 12

Introduction to Cosmology