Professor Sajstein Alam
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Mohammad Sajjad Alam

Professor of Physics (1995 --)

Chair Professor King Fahd University (2010 --)

Chair: Department of Physics (2003-06)

Director: Albany High Energy  Physics Lab (1995 - )

Excellence in Research Award (1994 University at Albany)

Fellow: Islamic World Academy of Sciences (2006 - )

Abdus Salaam Award from Pakistan League of NY (2005)

Member: Pakistan Academy of Sciences (2004 - )

Principal Investigator CLEO at CESR (1985 - 2000)

Principal Investigator BaBar at SLAC (2000 - )

Principal Investigator ATLAS at CERN (1995 - 2011)

Pakistan Association Albany Community Service Award (2011)

Roshni BiWeekly Albany Community Service Award (2013)


In 1947, I was born as Mohammad Sajjad Alam, which means “the praised worshiper of the Creator”.  It is no wonder that I was born to be a  professor of physics. Graduating as second in order of merit with an M.Sc. in physics from Dhaka University in Bangladesh, I was on my way to Indiana University in Bloomington in 1970.  Soon I realized my middle name was too difficult for Americans to pronounce, so I shortened my name to Saj (pronounced Saaj)

I completed my PhD in experimental particle physics with Professor Ben Brabson as part of the Rapid Cycling Bubble Chamber experiment at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.  I had just about finished my PhD thesis, when a new series of discoveries was made under the leadership of Professors Burt Richter and Martin Perl. I joined the MARK II experiment in 1975 and Professor Burt Richter go the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1976.

From 1975 till about 2006, my life has been like a roller-coaster of discoveries at the frontiers of particle physics... incomplete